T-Bone's A Didgeridoo Christmas

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TheWax.com is proud to have produced this album of holiday classics as performed, solo, by T-Bone and his trusty didgeridoo.

Self taught in didgeridoo playing, T-Bone may not be Australian, may still lack the ability to perform circular breathing and may not even celebrate Christmas... But for him this album was about more than all that.

"I just wanted to create a really lasting collection of Christmas classics. Something people can pass down from generation to generation in the spirit of the holidays. That and that the since the didgeridoo is basically a stick with a hole through the middle, i figured it would be easy to play..." - T-Bone

So this Christmas cuddle up with the ones you love and put "A Didgeridoo Christmas" on the home entertainment unit. Just sit back and confuse your senses as so-call holiday classics are pulverized by the poorly played sounds of the Australia Outbacks.

Unfortunately there is no order form or 1-800 number, as there are surely some of you out there who would likely not have figured out by now that this is a joke. However if you really have an itch to spend some of your hard earned cash please visit TheWax.com's Online Store, where we'll be glad to take your money.

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